It’s That Season Again!

Its the summer fishing season again! If you’re anything like us, you can’t wait to get out on the water as often as you can. It’s no fun when you’re out on the water and you run out of bait, hooks, or line before you’re done for the day. Of course, no fisherman would ever go out without plenty of fishing tackle. We can help make sure you have everything you need so you can get out at dawn and stay out until dusk.

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Fishing tackle and gear
Get your fishing tackle from LG Outdoors

Whether you need a rod, more leader line, or just more lures, take a look around our site. We have all types of lures, from hard baits to flies and spinners to dough baits. Fly fishing is especially big this time of year, and having the right assortment of flies is important. The different flies that fish eat change throughout the summer and can be different depending on your location. We have a large array of flies for all months, locations, and fish. For the month of July, there are a few types of flies that generally work pretty well. The shipman’s buzzer is great for anywhere bugs are hatching and there are plenty of surface-feeding fish. A pheasant tail nymph is also a good buzzer to use. You can use this whenever there are small buzzers and nymphs on the water.

On top of our selection of lures, we also have all the other gear that you might need for a fishing trip. We have rods, reels, and combos to fit any type and skill level of fishing. We also have waders, fishing glasses, boating equipment, knives, tackle boxes, fishing charts, and depth and fish finders. If you have a need for any fishing tackle or other equipment, we can be your one stop shop for new equipment, upgrades, and replacements. We’re all about getting you out on the water with best equipment to snag that trophy fish.