Gun Optics

For centuries, men have sought to be more efficient marksmen. Since the 17th century, different optical aiming aids have been made and strapped to guns in the hopes of a better shot. The early gun optics were nothing more than primitive telescopic sights and had many limitations. Throughout history, gun optics have improved drastically and new technologies have been introduced, such as integrated laser rangefinders, ballistic support devices, and CCD and LCD technology. These new technologies have made gun optics an incredible new science.

Reflex Sights

Reflex Sights and Gun Optics
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Reflex sights are also a result of new technologies available for gun optics. They are used to help maximize peripheral vision. Reflex sights use hologram technology to record and reconstruct light as it bounces off objects. It is able to capture depth and can provide many different viewing directions. The light is recorded as refractive variations on a window. The recording is then decoded as laser light is directed at the recording on the window. The recorded light is reconstructed and is visible to the human eye.

The benefits of a reflex sight are the projected image appears only to the user, the image is bright and not distorted, and the image is accurate even in conditions such as snow, rain, or darkness. Reflex sights also allow the user to shoot with both eyes open, this allows for less blind spots and gets rid of tunnel vision. Another great benefit most reflex sights have is anti-reflective coating. The coating effectively eliminates light glare so no other glare-eliminating filters are needed.

Reflex sights are also built to last. They are extremely tough and can handle most any condition. Many have a 65 MOA (Minute of Angle) ring with a 1 MOA dot, which are the finest available in any gun optic. There is a tubeless, heads-up display window that provides unlimited views. Also, the state of the art technologies used in reflex sights are proven to deliver speed and accuracy in your shot.