Customizing your AR-15

Firearm Accessories
LG Outdoors carries hundreds of AR-15 accessories.

Everyone has their preferences. When it comes to your AR-15, customizing it to fit your preferences and uses is important. All parts of the gun can be customized, and how you use it should be taken into account. The most common AR-15 Accessories include uppers, forends/handguards, rail covers, magazines, tools, swivels, stocks, grips, sights, parts mounts, and slings. Each of these items can be customized to your preference and should be added to your AR-15 for your preference and use.

A Brief Description of Each Piece


These parts of the gun include the barrel, attachment to the stock and chamber, and handguards. They can also come with different accessories added to them, like the front sight, upper receiver kit, or charging handle.


These are placed on the barrel and often feature mounting for other accessories. Handguards help protect the shooter’s second hand from the barrel, which can become very hot when firing.

Rail Covers

Many forends feature standardized rails for mounting accessories on the gun. These rails can be sharp and cut the shooter or snag clothing. Covers help protect the shooter from any unused rails.


Magazines come in many shapes and sizes and are used to hold all of your rounds. They feed your rounds into the chamber, allowing automatic or semi-automatic firing. You can get different sizes to hold different numbers of rounds, and some are made for quick ejection and reloading.


Swivels attach to your gun and your sling, making it virtually impossible for your sling to get twisted up.


Slings attach to your gun and loop over your shoulder, so you can bear the weight of the gun on you shoulder, giving your hands, wrists, and arms a break when carrying the gun long distances.


Mounts attach to the gun and allow for accessories like laser sights and scopes to be attached to the gun.


Depending on your style of sighting, you can get different sights, like peephole sights or classic sights. The type of sight you get should depend on how you use your gun.


“Pistol Grip” doesn’t really tell you what kind of grip it is. Is it flat? Is it ergonomic? Is it angled? Is it colored? Is it decorative? All of these things are things you should consider when you are customizing your grip.


The Stock can be made out of different materials to make it lighter, heavier, easier on your shoulder, smaller, or have good recoil absorption.

There are lots of other parts and tools that help you keep your AR-15 in tip-top shape. Chambers are available, bayonets, and other accessories can also be added to your gun to fit your needs and uses.