What Should I Bring on my Hunting Trip?

When you have a long hunting trip planned out, it’s best to be well prepared for any situation. When you have to be accurate, it’s best to bring certain accessories that will ensure that what you aim at is what you fire at when you pull the trigger. When you go hunting, here are a few items that you should consider bringing along.

The Right Kind of Ammo

Your ammo type is very important, depending on what type of game you are hunting. When you see ammo for sale, you should select the type that will be the best match for you in your situation. Depending on the ammo for sale, you want good mushrooming from hollow points or soft points for larger game and possibly small-caliber FMJ for varmints. There are many types of ammo for sale that can fit a variety of situations.


Bipods for sale by LG-Outdoors
We carry many different styles of bipods on our website

Bipods allow you to save your energy on a long hunt by allowing the ground below you to stabilize your weapon. All you have to worry about is pointing it in the right direction. An added bonus that bipods bring is more recoil stability when you pull the trigger, since a bipod is much more stable than any aiming arm could ever be.

Some of the Harris S-series are especially useful, with rotating adjustments for uneven ground situations. If you have to stay prone for long periods of time and need stability, it’s going to make things quite a bit easier on you to have this kind of stability. This keeps you from getting fatigued and makes the trip just a little more enjoyable.

Shooting Stick

LG Outdoors Shoot Sticks
We carry a large selection of Shooting Sticks at LG-Outdoors.com

Shooting sticks give you some of the benefit of a bipod’s stability, but it’s far more adjustable. If you are in a sitting or standing position for long periods of time while hunting, a shooting stick, especially a telescopic or folding shooting stick, allows you to maintain your position of choice while keeping a vigilant aim at the target area you’re analyzing and hunting in.

Extra Magazines

magazines at LG Outdoors
LG-Outdoors.com carries many different magazines for your firearm

Depending on what type of game you’re hunting, it may be a good idea to bring extra magazines and ammunition. You obviously shouldn’t expect to be firing off too many rounds when hunting deer, elk, and other larger game, but when hunting smaller game like varmints and birds, extra ammunition may come in handy. There is always ammo for sale and many different options for types of ammo depending on your hunting needs.

These are just a few of the many items that will make your trip a little more enjoyable. This list is far from exhaustive and is just a few recommendations outside of the normal list you find with recommendations like “bring snacks, repellent, and sunblock.” Feel free to browse the catalog for any other ideas you may be looking for. As always, just remember to be responsible, respect the environment, and—just as important—have fun!

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