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Hunting Tahr in New Zealand

Hunting in New Zealand - Image of huntersOn a hunting trip to New Zealand. I started my expedition at 3:30 a.m. in the cab of a 4×4 pickup truck, or ute, as my guide called it. My guide was a native New Zealander, a highly experienced hunter and his assistant a British man, an experienced mountain climber. We had all of our gear unloaded and ready before dawn broke. We had a long day ahead of us.

Most people accessed the area by helicopter because of how rugged the area is. However, the small animals located near the base of the mountain, usually tracked by helicopters, were not my intended game I had my sights set higher on the larger animals which resided near the summit, the Tahr, large Asian Ungulates closely related to wild goats. Continue reading Hunting Tahr in New Zealand

What is a Magazine?

A magazine is a device that feeds ammunition to a repeating firearm. They are either removable or built into the gun. They load the cartridges into the firearm by the action of the gun. Sometimes a removable magazine is called a clip, but this is wrong. A clip is a device that stages cartridges to be pushed into magazines. There are many different types of magazines but the most popular magazine for hand guns is called a box; either the double stack or the single stack. The “single” or “double” refers to how the rounds are “stacked” in the magazine. The difference between the two is illustrated by the pictures below:

Firearm Magazine
Double row box magazine” by Martin MeiseOwn work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
Firearm Magazine
Single row box magazine” by Martin MeiseOwn work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

In a box single stack magazine, the ammunition is stored in a column, one cartridge on top of another. A spring is in the bottom of the magazine to push the next round into the chamber of the barrel as the firearm is fired. The magazine is made of either metal or plastic and plastic ones are sometimes transparent so it is easier to see how many cartridges are in the magazine at any time. A removable box magazine is a mechanism that can be loaded or unloaded with cartridges while detached from the firearm. It is handy because you can carry several full magazines at once then just detach the empty one and replace it with a full one without having to stop and reload a fixed magazine. This definitely speeds up the process of reloading ammunition and is very useful in shooting competitions, hunting situations, self-defense, or target practice. Continue reading What is a Magazine?


Reloading is the process of loading casings or shells by putting together the components of the cartridge yourself. It is sometimes referred to as hand loading.

Economy, increased accuracy, performance, commercial ammunition shortages, and hobby interests are all common motivations for hand loading both cartridges and shot shells. Reloading fired cartridge cases will save the shooter money. Continue reading RELOADING MANUALS AND INFORMATION


Here is a brief story about one of my hunts in Argentina.

Argentina Hunt - White Lipped Peccary
Gordon with his White Lipped Peccary

I booked a trip to northern Argentina and checked in with my hunting party. I had wanted to hunt water buffalo, and the guide I had hired promised that I would track and see water buffalo, but it was up to me to actually shoot one. The province where I scheduled the hunt was Santiago del Estro, a province close to Paraguay and Bolivia. We stayed overnight at a national monument, “The General of the North”. The hosts of the hunting party were friends of local government officials and we were able to stay in the General’s personal dwelling. This residence was in the same condition as it was built. There was no modern accommodations like electricity or indoor plumbing. Lots and lots of beef would be cooked and served throughout the week, using the original cooking facilities, metal grates over hot coals. This was going to be a great week! Continue reading LOVE OF THE HUNT


Remington 870 Barrels for sale at LG Outdoors
Remington 870 Barrels

You own one of the finest shotguns money can buy. Whether you are a sport shooter, hunter, or civilian that just appreciates quality in a firearm, you know the shotgun you own is superior to all others. This is the shotgun that select law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and in other countries use, as do assorted military organizations. According to its’ manufacturer, which was founded in 1816 in New York, more than 10 million of these shotguns have been sold since 1951, making it one of the best-selling shotguns in history. You are proud to own your Remington 870, and maintaining it is absolutely essential to you. Continue reading REMINGTON 870 SHOTGUN BARREL