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Online Ammunition SalesWhen it comes to competition grade ammo, here at LG Outdoors, we know that not all ammo is created equal. So don’t miss our great sales on Remington .22 Long Rifle Hyper Velocity 36 Grain Truncated Cone Solid Ammunition for your Match practice and developmental shooting needs.

This ammo provides you with consistent quality you can rely on. So, whether practice plinking or shooting for that bulls-eye in a competition, when you’ve loaded your .22 with this competition grade rimfire ammo you can be confident that you’re ready for whatever comes next. With quality like this, you can be assured that your every shot can reach its maximum. The Truncated Cone design of this Remington .22 LR round offers a great balance between penetration and power. The aerodynamic build of the Remington .22 LR Hyper Velocity 36 Grain Truncated Cone Solid Ammunition offers heightened accuracy and reliability, and its light-weight design allows these rounds to reach hyper velocity.

Why you should decide on this hyper velocity ammunition when looking at online sales.

Here’s why you should look into hyper velocity rounds, the light weight design provides significantly increased velocity and energy to what standard rimfire rounds can achieve. Because of the superior functionality of the ratio of bullet mass to air resistance, the hyper velocity ammo offers much better performance over longer distances than that of standard velocity rounds.

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When looking for ammo sales online, Remington .22 LR Hyper Velocity 36 Grain Truncated Cone Solid Ammunition is the clear choice! You wouldn’t pick inferior wood and nails for building a house or any other important project. You wouldn’t take shortcuts that would only end up leading to poor results. It is no different as you work on developing the skill to become an expert shot. As with anything else, it is all about starting at the basics and using the right materials so that you can perform to your optimal potential. In any profession or hobby, you can’t do your best when hindered by ineffective tools, so don’t hold up your progress by choosing the wrong rounds. Trust the rounds that will deliver the quality you expect and choose the company whose reliability and economy you can trust!

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