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Looking for superior ammunition for your self-defense needs? Check out our sales on premium self-defense ammunition. Our company believes in combining the convenience of online access with optimal quality. You can rest assured that, should you ever need it, your self-defense ammunition has got you covered. However, when purchasing ammunition, it is important to know what you want and need from your bullets so that you can choose the right product for your intended use.

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Our online ammo sales offer you the best selection in ammunition. However, just because a bullet is the premium choice in its category does not make it the best choice for your intended use. It is important when deciding which self-defense ammunition to purchase to know exactly what it is that you want out of your bullets. For this reason, we have prepared a comprehensive list of the features of four self-defense ammunition options to help you find the best option for your needs.

Features of Barnes 40 S&W 140gr TAC-XP

  • Online Ammo SalesDeep-penetration.
  • Designed specifically for law enforcement and personal defense use.
  • Tested in a wide range of situations.
  • Proven to penetrate wood, glass, and metal.
  • Bullets maintain their original weight.
  • Environmentally safe materials.
  • Non-corrosive reloadable brass cases.

Features of 40 S&W by CCI 40 S&W 180 gr GDHP Short Barrel

  • Online Ammo SalesA patented hollow point cavity.
  • Pre-fluted core controls final diameter and retained weight.
  • Controlled rate of expansion.
  • Select, clean burning propellants deliver optimum velocity.
  • Ensured consistent chamber pressures.
  • Non corrosive CCI primers used for reliable performance.
  • Nickel plated brass cases for smooth feeding and durability.

Features of 40 S&W by Hornady Critical Defense, 165gr

  • Online Ammo SalesPenetration unaffected by materials like denim and leather.
  • Delivers controlled expansion.
  • Leaves a large, deep wound cavity.
  • Consistent performance and smooth feeding.
  • Minimized muzzle flash.
  • Silver nickel plating to prevent corrosion.

Features of Speer 40 S&W 180 Grain Gold Dot Hollow Point Ammunition

  • Online Ammo SalesBonded core bullets are designed for home defense and personal protection.
  • Eliminates core-jacket separations for retained weight.
  • Non-corrosive reloadable brass cases.
  • A patented hollow point cavity formed in two stages.
  • The pre-fluted core controls expansion and retains weight.
  • Consistent chamber pressure and velocity.
  • Smooth feeding and durability.
  • Finely tuned for maximum field performance.

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