Hunting Gear To Help You Have the Best Season Yet

Here at LG Outdoors, we specialize in providing you with all things related to hunting. Whether it’s a rifle or a bow, ammunition or outdoor survival gear, we’ve got it all. We also have specialty hunting gear, like duck calls and other species of waterfowl. In addition to those calls, we also carry calls for turkeys, deer, squirrels, hogs, elk, moose, owls, crows, and others.

Duck Calls

There are several different types of duck calls available, and each one is slightly different. Knowing the difference is important in making sure that you’re attracting ducks instead of scaring them away. The following is a list of duck calls and their intended prey.

Primos Duck Call Beginner’s Pack

Dick CallsThis pack comes with a single reed call, Power Drake, a whistle, a lanyard, and an instructional mini CD.

Primos Duck Call/Whistle & Mallard Drake Grunt

This call reproduces the whistle of the pintail, widgeon, greenwing teal, and the mallard drake grunt. Since it’s a whistle, it is easier to use than reeded calls.

Primos Duck Call Pro Mallard

Duck CallsThis call is for use both in wooded areas and over open water. It also comes with a tuning hole in the bell for versatility.

Primos Duck Call Feedin’ Mallard

This call is for use in a duck blind. This call is probably the easiest and loudest call. It reproduces the feed-chatter of ducks. A special tuning hole in the bell gives the hunter the ability to sound like multiple ducks.

Primos Duck Call Power Drake & Duck Whistle

This whistle is designed for high volume. It reproduces the sounds of pintails, widgeon, gadwall, greenwing teal, and the mallard drake grunt. This particular design also helps hunters with mustaches use the call with more ease than other calls.

Primos Duck Call High Roller

Duck CallsThis whistle has a roller built into it that makes the whistle flutter automatically, just like the whistle of ducks. It also reproduces the mallard drake grunt and the whistle of the widgeon and teal.

These are some of the most popular duck calls, but there are many more for specialized use, for special kinds of waterfowl, and those with more experience. There are electronic calls, double reed calls, and many others. You can find all types of calls, as well as other hunting gear, for sale on our site. Let us help you have the best hunting season yet!